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Mapping of Jeto fields to Marketo Program Tokens
Mapping of Jeto fields to Marketo Program Tokens

Learn about the mapping of Jeto fields to Marketo tokens, as well as landing page URL and date System Tokens

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For each token you use in your assets, a matching field will be added to the Launcher Form and mapped to the corresponding Marketo token. When the Collaborator fills out the form, the values they enter in each field will be passed to Marketo, to their matching token, in the newly cloned program. 

Here is a list of token types in Marketo and their respective types in Jeto:

Jeto "System" Tokens

Jeto "System" Tokens are automatically generated by Jeto, after a Campaign was submitted. 

Landing Page URLS
If there is a landing page in your Marketo program (a registration page for example), Jeto will automatically get the URL after it has been cloned from it's original program and make it available in program tokens.

You should refer to the landing page URL by using this token naming pattern in the program/assets:

"Your Landing Page Name"-URL

For example for a landing page named “Registration Page", Jeto will output a token named “Registration Page-URL”. 

Date Tokens
Also optional tokens can be used to “decompose” a date field/token into sub element including Year, Month, Day and Weekday as 

“Your Date Field Name”-Day

“Your Date Field Name”-Weekday

“Your Date Field Name”-Month

“Your Date Field Name”-Year

For example, for a date token named: “Event-Date” filled with the value 2019-12-30, Jeto will create and populate these additional text tokens in the Marketo program:
Event-Date-Day = 30
Event-Date-Year = 2019

Event-Date-Month = 12
Event-Date-Month = December
Event-Date-Weekday = Monday

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