Marketo des not support inserting tokens in it's native iCal tokens. Therefore Jeto Campaign information (such as event date, event tite, event description) cannot be passed to Marketo and native Marketo iCal is not supported. Also Marketo iCal function will have limited reach as it will not work Google Calendar.

For a smarter ICS/add to calendar function we recommend using 3rd party tools such as Agical, a free tool developed by Marketo Champion Sanford Whitman from Technikl. By combining Agical and Jeto technology, it's possible to use token values (sourced from your Jeto campaigns to generate "Add to calendar" links in your Emails and Landing Pages.  Note that Agical is a Jeto solution, therefore Jeto support cannot be held responsible for this service.

In order to leverage this, you must use Jeto Date and time fields types, which will output the proper format (ISO date as" yyyy-mm-dd and ISO Time as "hh:mm".

The format "+HH:MM" or "-HH:MM" can be used to indicate the corresponding UTC offset timezone for your webinar as a default value in Marketo. If your events span multiple timezones, your Jeto users will need to add the start and end times in UTC and manually offset for their desired timezone.

For example: if my event starts at 2pm EST and ends at 3pm EST, in Jeto, I would put a start time of 6pm and and end time of 7pm (UTC + 4:00). For the same in PST, I would put a start time of 9pm and an end time of 10pm (UTC + 7:00).

In your assets, you can leverage a plain text token/field to type out the proper start and end times, and even include multiple timezones. For ex: 11 am PST / 2pm EST.

For iCal \ ICS file \ Outlook:

<a href="{{my.webinar_title}};description={{my.webinar_descriptionLP_txt}};dtstart={{my.webinar_date}}T{{my.webinar_time_iso}}:00{{my.UTCoffset}};dtend={{my.webinar_date}}T{{my.webinar_end_time_iso}}:00{{my.UTCoffset}};organizer={{my.email_fromName}};location={{my.Location}};preencoded=true" target="_blank>Add to Calendar (Outlook)</a>

For Gmail:

<a href="{{my.webinar_title}};description={{my.webinar_descriptionLP_txt}};dtstart={{my.webinar_date}}T{{my.webinar_time_iso}}:00{{my.UTCoffset}};dtend={{my.webinar_date}}T{{my.webinar_end_time_iso}}:00{{my.UTCoffset}};organizer={{my.email_fromName}};location={{my.Location}};format=gcal;preencoded=true" target="_blank">Add to Calendar (Gmail)</a>

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