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Release Notes - Feb '19
Release Notes - Feb '19

Assets preview, email samples, preset values and more...

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Release Summary

  • Preview Emails and Landing Pages

  • Send Sample

  • Prefill and Default Values

  • Mobile and UI Optimization

Preview Emails and Landing Pages

While creating or editing a campaign, you can now toggle to the Preview panel and view how your campaign content will look within all campaign's emails and landing pages. Navigate any asset and simulate desktop, table and mobile devices.

Send Email Sample

In addition to preview, you can send a sample of each email to a defined list of recipients. From the Preview pane, chose Send Sample, select the email(s) to send, add add recipients by either selecting users, groups or directly type any email address. The sample email(s) will go out within seconds after you hit Send

Pre-fill and Default Values

You can now use either one of our 2 "preset" value properties on text, time, date, file or image fields.

Use a Pre-fill value to populate the value as the campaign form loads.
Use a Default Default as a fallback value to use if the field is left blank by your user.

Choose one of the system values available or select the Custom option to define your own.  

Mobile, Browsers Compatibility and UI Optimization

We've made dozens of small changes to make it a better experience to create campaigns and navigate through Jeto from a Mobile device and across different browsers. Check out the new Date Picker, Time Picker, and many fixed to Mobile campaign navigation. 

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