Preset Values

Set a Prefill or a Default value on Launcher form fields.

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Use either one of our 2 preset value properties on Text, Rich Text, Email, Time, Date, File or Image fields.

Use a Pre-fill value to populate the value as the campaign form loads. The form will be pre-filled as the campaign form loads, but it will remain editable by the user.

Use a Default value to populate a field that was left blank by the user. You could use this to allow a user to make certain fields optional all while having your "fallback" value enforced.

To enable Pre-fill or Default value on a field, edit your Launcher form, select the field and choose one of the system values:
User First Name: current Jeto user's first name
User Last Name: current Jeto user's last name
User Email: current Jeto user's email
User Phone: current Jeto user's phone
User ID: current Jeto user's ID
Date Now: date at the moment of submitting the campaign
Time Now: time at the moment submitting the the campaign

Or you can type your own Pre-fill or Default value by going for the Custom option.

Tip: Make sure any field that has a Default value enabled is marked as not required. 


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