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Activate, deactivate and schedule Marketo campaigns

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You can configure your Launcher to automatically activate, deactivate or schedule your Marketo Campaigns from Jeto. 

From the Launcher Settings located in the top right corner, select Campaign Launch in the menu. 

To select the campaign(s) to schedule, click the green + sign located at the bottom right of the screen. A list of the campaigns will appear. Select the campaign you wish to Launch. 

From the configuration panel, chose from the 3 Campaign Launch options:

Scheduled: Set a time for the smart campaign to run. (for Marketo Batch Campaign only)
Activate: Activate the smart campaign (for Marketo Trigger Campaigns only)
Deactivate: Deactivate the smart campaign (for Marketo Trigger Campaigns only)

Schedule the Launch of your campaign using the configurations options:

Date & Time: Choose "Immediately" so that the campaign is Launched at the moment it is created. Select a Launcher date/time field for the Campaign Launch date to be set based on the input from the campaign form (Ex: Event date).
Offset: Enter a numeric value, positive or negative (+/-) to offset vs date/time setting
Value: Chose time unit for offset (hours, days, weeks or months) 

For example, if you leverage your event date and event time, but want to send the first invitation a week prior to this moment, you would select "Event Date" field in the Date, "Start Time" in the Time field and offset with a value of -1 Week(s). Jeto will then know to go activate the send invitation campaign 1 week prior to the values inserted by the Collaborator in the Event Date and Start Time fields of the form. 

IMPORTANT: Jeto servers are in UTC. If you want to activate the campaigns based on the exact values entered by the Collaborator, in your own Marketo's timezone, you will need to calculate the offset accordingly. 

For example, if you are located in PST, and the Start Time is 9am, Jeto will consider this to be 1am. You would need to offset the campaign by +8 hours (or +7 hours during daylight savings time) to match the PST timezone. 

It's also very important NOT to rename the smart campaign in your newly created program. Jeto will validate the campaign name, not the ID, during the activation procss.

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