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Can Jeto clone across workspaces?
Can Jeto clone across workspaces?
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Though Marketo does not officially support cloning across workspaces, we have found that Jeto can safely clone from one workspace, such as a Center of Excellence, to another. 

There are, however, limitations to keep in mind:

  1. All assets/templates used in your Marketo program template must be shared with the other workspaces. This includes email and landing page templates, as well as snippets. 

  2. If you're program contains a Landing Page with a form, the program cannot be cloned across workspaces (unlike email and landing page templates, forms are not templates and must reside in the appropriate workspace). 

  3. If your program contains a list with more than 1000 people, that list will not be cloned

  4. Period costs are not cloned

  5. If your program contains reports, the settings of the reports are not updated. The new reports will continue to point to the original program template. 

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