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Release Notes - May '19
Release Notes - May '19

Clone Launchers, bulk edit Users & Groups, SSO and more...

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In this release:

  • Clone Launchers

  • View Group Members and Bulk edit Users & Groups

  • Authenticate with Single Sign On 

  • Date Input Restrictions and Validations

  • Bug Fixes & More...

Clone Launchers

You now have the ability to clone any Launcher. This will help speed things up by creating a new copy of any launcher in one click.

To clone a Launcher simply hit the Launcher menu, and select Clone.

Your new Launcher will appear under Original Launcher Name [CLONE]

The cloned Launcher will copy the following settings from the original to the new Launcher:

  • Launcher Description

  • Program Template

  • Program Destination Folder

  • Program Naming Convention 

  • Images/Files Destination Folder

  • Launcher Form fields

All these settings can be edited after the clone under Edit / Launcher Settings.

Note that the following elements will NOT be cloned into the new Launcher.

  • Users and groups sharing properties

  • Automated Campaign Launch settings

  • Approval team

View Group Members and Bulk Edit Users & Groups

When you edit a group, you can now get an overview of all the members of each group as well as add new members to the group. 

You can also use bulk actions on Users and groups. 

Simply select more than one entry using the checkbox and additional options will appear such as:

  • Add users to group

  • Remove users from group

  • Deleted users and groups 

Authenticate with Single Sign On (SSO) 

Upon request, Jeto can be deployed using a single sign on (SS0) authentication method. We work with the Auth0 Identity Platform, which gives us the ability to support multiple Identity Providers (see Auth0 website for supported providers). Confirmation of technical feasibility and additional cost may apply. 

Date Input Restrictions and Validations

It's now possible to set restrictions and validations so that a campaign date field is restricted to a specific timeframe. To enforce restrictions and validations, select any Date field and look for the Restriction parameter. 

Bug Fixes & More

Although there was no official release in March, we've been busy fixing some bugs and making "under the hood" improvements to Jeto for more stability and resilience. Among other things:

  • Updated email input field to accept more email formats

  • Added new system monitoring, alerts and escalation procedures 

  • Automated campaign launch: fixed calculation of time offset when trigger/schedule was based in campaign creation date/time (Immediately) 

  • Optimized (reduced) API calls to Marketo

  • Implemented automated Marketo API call retries with exponential backoff

  • Implemented new method to manage Marketo's Rate and Concurrency Limits

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