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How to setup UTM parameters in Jeto

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If you are adding UTM tags to URLs in Marketo today, you're likely adding UTM codes, as best practice suggests, into tokens that tie to your URLS in your emails. 

In this context, Jeto will support UTM encoding in various ways: 

  • Since Jeto will create Programs from existing templates, if any UTM is configured in the original program, these UTM parameters will automatically replicate in the new program.  

  • If parameters should be set by the requester of the campaign:  we recommend using a single select field so that the user can select from predefined values for channel, medium, source, campaign, etc. These values will tie to tokens and get added to links automatically when the program is created. 

  • If you have UTMs configured to use inherited tokens, then you can still use this method. Any Program created via Jeto will act the same as any other Program and inherited values will apply. Just make sure your Launcher is configured to create programs in the appropriate Destination Folder.

  • Finally, you can also use any component of the campaign in UTM parameters variables such as Campaign Name, Campaign Date, etc. All will be passed to the new program via my.tokens.

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