In this release:

  • Save Campaign Draft

  • Campaign Access for Administrators

  • Preset values for Rich Text fields

  • Various UI improvements

Save Campaign Draft

You now have the ability to work on a campaign, and save it for future completion. By clicking "Save Draft" instead of "Submit", the campaign will be saved in Jeto but will not be created in Marketo or sent to Administrators for review. Collaborators can come back and edit the campaign as many times as needed, until all the required fields are filled. Once the campaign is ready to be sent, click "Submit" instead of "Save Draft" and the regular approval process will begin.

Campaign Access for Administrators

Jeto Administrators now have access to view the campaigns Collaborators created directly in Jeto. From the top navigation menu, select "Campaigns". You will see all your campaigns, as well as campaigns created by other users, in this page.

Note: in order to see others' campaigns, you must be an Administrator of the Launcher that was used to create the campaign. If the Launcher is not shared with you, you will not see any campaign created by others leveraging that Launcher.

Preset values for Rich Text fields

Just like regular text fields, you can now add default and pre-fill values to rich text fields. This will be particularly useful for Launchers where the email body is usually the same, or varies only slightly. Collaborators will only need to update the existing text. 


Note: there is a limit of 255 characters for the pre-fill text.

Various UI improvements

  • Strip http(s) from URLs - when creating a launcher, the option to remove the http or https prefix is now part of the Advanced Options for plain text fields. This allows the Marketo Admin to hard code the prefix outside of the token, so that clicks can be tracked in Marketo reports.

  • Improved icons - the edit and delete icons were updated to show simpler, clearer icons

  • Confirmation messages - when a campaign is created or edited, the confirmation message now appears on the Campaigns page, at the bottom of the screen.

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