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Flexible Campaigns and Programs Naming Convention
Flexible Campaigns and Programs Naming Convention

Standardize Jeto campaigns and Marketo programs' naming convention using submit date, dynamic campaign data or custom values.

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Program and campaign naming conventions are important to keep things organized. Naming conventions can be set for each Launcher.

To customize your Campaign (Jeto Campaigns) or Program's (Marketo Programs) naming convention, go to Settings / Naming Convention. From there you can build your naming convention template by selecting various elements.

Use Campaign Data to insert campaign data value from date, time, single line text, number, or single select fields.

Important:! Fields must be marked as "required" for it to be usable in the naming convention.

Date field sub-elements (Year, Month, Day, etc.) can also be used for more flexibility.

Use Submit Date to insert date elements (Year, Month, Day, etc.) from the date of the first campaign submission.

Use Custom values to insert any value of your choice.


The naming convention will not apply to Campaign Drafts. This is due to the fact that Drafts will allow required fields to be left empty - which could result in blank Draft Campaign names.


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