In This Release

  • Campaign Approval

  • Tagging users in comments (comments notifications)

  • New filters in Campaigns page

  • LaunchPoint Innovate Partner Certification 

  • Other Improvements...

Campaign Approval 

Having the ability to manage the campaign approval process is one of the highest voted feature so far on the Jeto community.  In continuity with previous releases that introduced Campaign Drafts and campaigns Commenting & Collaboration capabilities,  the new Campaign Approval feature will helps manage the entire campaign approval process. 

Campaign Approval Team

When activating Campaign Approval (optional), Jeto will allow you to build a campaign approval team and invite Approver(s), Editor(s) and Viewer(s) to collaborate on your campaigns. Here is an overview of the related campaign management permissions.

Note that Permissions for Collaborator apply to owned campaigns only. For all other Roles, permissions are set at Launcher level and apply to all campaigns created from that Launcher.

Any user assigned with Administrator or Approver Role on a Launcher will have the ability to Approve the Campaign (no specific steps/order is enforced). 

To allow for additional flexibility, a single User can be assigned a different Role on different Launchers.

Track Campaign Approval 

With Campaign Approval turned on, your Campaign status will take a different path to allow for a formal approval before it's ready to Launch. Jeto will start to track these 3 new status after a campaign is submitted. 

  • In Approval: Default Status after a campaign is submitted.

  • Change(s) requested: The campaign is not approved and change(s) have been requested.

  • Approved: The Campaign is now approved and ready to Launch.  

Tagging Users in Comments (Comments Notifications)

Sometimes you’ll need to call the attention of another member when having a conversation in Jeto. 

While adding a comment, start typing the @ symbol followed by user's first name and a list of user will appear. Select the desired user(s) and they will receive an email notification immediately after your comment is added.

New Filters in Campaigns Page

Campaign filtering options have been simplified. 

  1. From the top navigation, use the new menu to select the Filters you would like to apply. The number of filters apply will will be indicated. 

  2. Chose among 3 filter options: Campaign, Type,  Status and Owner. 

  3. Hit clear to remove all filters.

LaunchPoint Innovate Partner Certification

We're proud to announce that Jeto has been officially Certified by Marketo under the LaunchPoint Technology Partner Program!

This program is the industry’s first marketing technology accelerator and brings together innovative applications that, when combined with Marketo Engage, enables enterprises to listen, learn, and engage with their buyers in unprecedented, personalized and authentic ways at scale.

This demonstrates the engagement of the Jeto Team toward the high quality of the integration and strengthens the collaboration between Jeto and Marketo. 

Other Improvements

Also in this release:

  • Improved Launcher cloning to carry over Prefill and Default Values 

  • Optimized performance on campaign edit page (load time)

  • Updated email notification templates/layout

  • Block unsupported characters in Marketo Token Name property

  • Optimized commenting for mobile devices  

  • Various security upgrades

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