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An Introduction to Jeto
An Introduction to Jeto

Jeto provides a simple and beautiful interface that allows any non-technical user to easily launch marketing campaigns.

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Marketo Engage Launchpoint Certified Partner
Jeto is a Marketo Engage Launchpoint Certified Partner application. Using Marketo REST API, Jeto will augment Marketo capabilities and allow non-technical users to create more campaigns, faster, all while keeping things centralized within your preferred Marketing Automation platform. Here is an overview of Jeto key capabilities.

Campaign Launchers
Campaign Launchers are there to put an end to reinventing the wheel. A campaign Launchers is a pre-packaged Campaign that a campaign "Creator" can select to create a new Campaign. Technically, a Launcher will tie an entire Marketo Program to a Campaign Input Form.

Marketo Template Programs: When implementing Jeto our team of Certified Marketo Consultants will assist you in creating best of breed Marketo Template Programs that will cover for the most common marketing activities, such as events, webinars, newsletters, product launch, roadshows, etc. These programs will be optimized, thoroughly tested for ease of use, performance and scalability. We will also work with your team to identify editable areas for all assets and use Marketo Tokens in place of static content to prepare Jeto users to remotely update Marketo programs. 

Campaign Input Form: on the Jeto Side one Launcher will be paired with each Marketo Template Program. An input form will be created to capture each piece of information required to fill out campaign details and assets. For example, in an event, this would typically include all the elements that will vary from one event to another, such as Event Title, Date, Venue, Description, Speakers, etc.  

Speed-Up Campaign Execution
Once a Launcher is in place, it can be shared with Collaborators. From there it's a 3 steps process to Launch the campaign: 

  1. User select the right Launcher (Event, Email, etc) & fills-out the campaign form

  2. Jeto clones & update the template program:  creating a new Marketo Program and load the Campaign form values into the program Tokens

  3. Launch: Once the program is created in Marketo you can use one of 2 Launch methods:

       a) Manual Launch: An authorized member of your Marketing team gets notified of a new Campaign. Program is revised and manually activated/scheduled from Marketo.

       b) Automated Campaign Launch: You can configure your Jeto Launcher so that it will automatically Launch (Schedule/Activate Smart Campaigns) at a predefined date/time or based on a date/time offset vs campaign timeline.  

Additional Features & Capabilities

Limited Access Controls:

While Marketo will typically give access to entire workspaces, databases and allow users to "mess around" using campaign flowsteps or direct database data entry, Jeto allows for a granular control of what a user can edit, ensuring brand an data quality controls and restricting each user to provide input in a controlled environment.

Simplified User Experience

Let's be honest, Marketo can be very hard to use and intimidating for non technical people. It can easily take 3 months for anyone to learn Marketo and reach the basic "Marketo Certified" level. Jeto stripped it down to the essential and provide a stellar user experience, enabling ANYONE to create campaigns in seconds, not months.

Advanced Webform Editor 

Our webform allows for a wide range of input data types including text, rich text, number, date, time, emails, single select, URLs, images, files, etc. Intuitive UI/layout capabilities include controls for form design elements, placeholder text, help text etc. It also enable high data quality standards with data input masks & regex controls as well as preset values.

Assets Preview & Send Sample

Jeto will fetch the HTML of all assets from your Marketo programs and allow users to preview Emails and Landing Page to see the impact of it's campaign updates in real time. One can also send a sample email to users or groups in 1 click.

Campaign Commenting & Collaboration

Increase team productivity and reduce risks of errors by keeping the conversation in one place! Jeto offers built-in commenting and collaboration tools allowing to pin comments on your assets previews, reply, resolve or tag users to drag extra attention from someone. 

Campaign Approval 

Campaign Approval helps track and manage the entire campaign approval process in Jeto. 

One can build build an Approval Team and assign the proper role for each team member (Viewer, Editor or Approver).  

Team members will have the ability to collaborate by viewing, commenting or updating the Campaign while the Campaign Status (In Approval, Change(s) Requested, Approved) helps everyone gain visibility on the process and stay on the same page, 

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