Cloning a Launcher
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You can now clone launchers in Jeto! If you have similar program templates in Marketo, with only a few different tokens, you no longer need to build your 2nd, 3rd, or any subsequent launcher from scratch. You can clone the first launcher and edit the clone to match your 2nd Marketo program. 

How to clone:

Click the three black dots next to the launcher you wish to clone. Select Clone. A new launcher will appear with the same name and [Clone] next to it. 

You can click on the three black dots next to the newly cloned launcher and select Edit. You will then be able to modify the new launcher to meet your requirements. 

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Only a subset of the launcher settings gets carried over in the clone. 

What does get cloned:

  • Launcher Description

  • Program Template

  • Program Destination Folder

  • Program Naming Convention 

  • Images/Files Destination Folder

  • Launcher Form fields

What doesn't get cloned:

  • Users and groups sharing

  • Automated Campaign Launch configurations

  • Approval team configurations

  • Emails and Landing Page Layout Editor configurations (locked and unlocked sections)

Once your program is cloned, access the Launcher Settings to rename it and configure the right Marketo program template and/or Destination folder. You will also have to add a new approval team (if applicable) and share the new launcher once it's ready. 

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