In This Release

  • Added the ability to strip the “http(s)://” portion of the auto-generated Landing Page URLS. This will help with enabling Marketo analytics/tracking for those links

  • Enforced mandatory Launcher form field Max character limits to safeguard all values within Marketo’s token size limit - 65535 for text and rich text tokens, 10 for number tokens

  • Optimized load time for picklists of programs and folders in Launcher setup

  • Added the option to delete a campaigns where status is “Error”

  • Bug fixes

Strip "http://" out of auto-generated Landing Page URLS

Jeto generated landing pages (leveraging the {{my.LPname-URL}} token) will no longer contain http(s):// by default. This will allow you to track clicks on your call to action buttons in Marketo reports. You can control this feature from the Launcher Settings area, under Marketo Settings.

Max character limits

In order to comply with Marketo's API character limits, plain text and rich text fields will have a limit of 65 535 characters by default. Number fields will have a limit of 10 characters. You can reduce the limit, if you wish, but will not be able to increase it. All active launchers created prior to this release have been updated.

Optimized load time for picklists

The Jeto team has optimized the load time of the your Marketo programs and foldres list in the dropdowns when creating a new launcher.

Delete Campaigns in Error

Campaigns that result in error can now be deleted from the campaigns dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed errors in recipients for certain Campaign Status Changes with Campaign Approval - Including Collaborators getting notification for other collaborators’ Campaigns.

  • Apply image upload sizing restrictions on campaign edit.

  • Fixed campaign data overwritten with blank values on edit if loading is incomplete.

  • Fixed launcher form data overwritten with blank values on edit if loading is incomplete.

  • Fixed error when trying to delete a Launcher (under specific circumstances).

  • Jeto will now block users from creating date type tokens with the same names as the ones automatically generated by Jeto. Date tokens can be created but Date Token-Weekday, Date Token-Day, Date Token-Month and Date Token-Year will prompt an error. They will still, however, be auto-generated by Jeto. 

  • Fixed the count of users that displays on approval team page.

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