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Release Notes - March 2020
Release Notes - March 2020

Multi Select field, infrastructure & security upgrades

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In This Release

  • Multi select field in Launcher/Campaign forms

  • Infrastructure & security upgrades

  • Improvements & bug fixes


Multi Select field in Launcher/Campaign forms

A new Multi Select field has been added to the Jeto Launcher Form Builder. 

When creating a campaign, the field Options will display in a selectable picklist. Selected values become visible in the input field where they can also be removed.  

Multi Select fields must be mapped to Marketo rich text tokens and values will appear as semicolon separated values. Ex: Option1;Option3;

Multi Select fields will support the following field properties:

  • Marketo Token

  • Label Text

  • Label Position 

  • Required*

  • Options

  • Help Text

*If the field is marked as Required, at lease one value must be selected for the entry to be valid. 


Infrastructure & security upgrades

The Jeto Front End was migrated to new servers for increased performance and reliability. Regular maintenance has also been performed to keep up with the latest security upgrades.  


Improvements & bug fixes

  • In email notifications for new campaigns and campaign updates, rich text field values now render the copy in a reader-friendly format (instead of raw HTML code).

  • Fixed inconsistent/unresponsive behaviour of drop down picklists in new Launcher, Launcher Share and Approval Team pages.

  • In Launcher Forms, the issue where Layout Paragraph element could not be edited has been fixed.

  • In Launcher form fields, Jeto now validates token names against "reserved" Jeto System Tokens ("DateField-Day", "DateField-Month", "DateField-Year", "DateField-Weekday", and "today" to avoid duplicate token names.

  • Errors in Automated Campaign launch for campaign names containing special characters has been fixed. 

  • Prevent users from saving empty comments and replies.

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