Email layouts can be edited by turning modules on or off from Jeto. This helps reduce the number of Launchers required to support various use cases/layouts and gives more flexibility for end users while building campaigns.  


For modules to be editable in Jeto the requirements are as follow:

  • Email(s) in programs must modules as specified in the Marketo Email Template Syntax

  • Modules must initially appear in the email for it to be editable in Jeto (at this point, Jeto cannot add new modules to emails).

  • API permissions associated to the Jeto Launchpoint web service must include the "Approve Assets" permission and have access to all workspaces containing email templates used in template Programs.


One way integration: Jeto will generate the assets preview from you Template Program. Once the campaign is submitted and the new program is created for your campaign (cloned from template) the changes done in Marketo to the cloned program modules function will not be reflected in Jeto preview.

How it works

Here is how to setup and use Email Layout Editor:

1. Unlock modules in Launcher(s)
First, as an admin, you need access your Launcher and navigate to "Assets" Tab. Toggle the "Edit Layout" option and select modules to unlock.

2. Preview assets and Delete Module(s)
Once in a campaign, select an email and toggle the "Edit Layout" option.
Email modules will becoming highlighted. These modules are either:

  • Locked (grey + lock icon): these modules cannot be deleted. 

  • Unlocked (blue + trashcan icon): these modules can be deleted.

  • Deleted (red line + expand/collapse/restore icon) : these modules have been deleted and are still in a draft or in a campaign where changes have not yet been submitted.  Select a deleted section to view it and click again to restore it.

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