In this release

This release is packed with with 10+ new features and improvements, including:

  • Edit Assets Layout (Delete Modules)
    - Landing Page Layout (Beta)
    - Edit Email Layout - (General Availability)
    - Admin Control Over Editable Assets Layout

  • Image Resize

  • Improved User Experience for Campaign Save & Close

  • Custom Campaign and Program Naming Conventions

  • Preview Assets and New Navigation in Launcher Editor

  • Restricted Marketo Sync (Beta)

  • Optimized Marketo Sync
    - Incremental Programs and Assets Synchronization
    - Improved Assets Load Time

  • Various Bug Fixes

Edit Assets Layout (Delete Modules) - Landing Pages (Beta)

Important: This feature is currently in closed Beta. Administrators can contact Jeto support to request access.

Landing pages layouts can now be edited by deleting modules directly from Jeto. This will help reduce the number of Launchers required to support various use cases and give more flexibility for end users while building campaigns.

Edit Assets Layout (Delete Modules) - Emails (Open Beta)

This feature released in May 2020 is now out of the 3 months closed Beta and can be used by all clients. Please check out the requirements and details by following the link below.

Edit Assets Layout (Delete Modules) - Admin Control Over Editable Modules

Administrators can use the Jeto UI to lock or unlock email or landing page modules. Please refer to the links above to learn how to lock/unlock modules for emails and landing pages.

Image Resize

You can now resize images from a new and improved image editor.

  • New UI: a simplified user interface helps edit images in a glimpse.

  • Auto resize: upon image upload, Jeto will automatically resize images to fit the requested dimensions in your Launcher form field settings.

  • Manual resize: user can still make adjustments to the image size manually, within the the limits of the specified dimensions if needed.

  • Crop and zoom are still available, but the flip option has been removed.

Improved User Experience for Campaign Save & Close

Have you ever clicked on the "< Campaigns" button and lost your campaign data? It won't happen again thanks to the new Save & Close options added to the Campaign's top navigation bar. These options offer a persistent access to either Save Draft, Submit (your campaign) or Cancel (go back to your campaign dashboard). Jeto will also detect changes to the campaign and request a confirmation before navigating away without saving changes.

Previous navigation

New Navigation

Custom Campaign and Program Naming Conventions

Program and Campaign Naming conventions are important to keep things organized. While you previously had to ask support or clone an existing Launcher to apply a custom naming convention, it's now possible to do this yourself in the new "Naming Convention" section of your Launcher settings.

Preview Assets and New Navigation in Launcher Editor

It is now possible to preview Marketo assets (emails and landing pages) associated with your Launcher from the Launcher Editor section

Optimized Marketo Sync - Restrict Sync Folders

By default, Jeto syncs all folders made available to the dedicated API user, based on workspace access. This can result in a significantly large volume of data synced over between the two systems.

With the Restricted Marketo Sync, we're giving the option to limit the Marketo Sync function for Jeto to access only specific folders within workspaces. Folder restrictions can be applied to:

  • Marketo Folders available for your Launcher Template Programs (Jeto will drill down as far as 10 levels of subfolders).

  • Program Destination Folders available for your Launcher Destination Folders (cloned Programs resulting of a Jeto Campaign).

  • Images and Files Destination Folders available for images and files uploaded into campaigns.

To apply the Restricted Marketo sync, please contact support and, for each type of the restriction above, specify the name of the folder(s) you'd like Jeto to sync over.

Optimized Marketo Sync - Incremental Programs and Assets Synchronization

We have worked hard to make sure integrations between Jeto and Marketo is optimized for the API call volume. The optimization mainly consists of the addition of Incremental synchronization of Marketo Programs and Assets - thanks to a new datapoint made available by Marketo - where Marketo Programs and Assets data will only be updated if a change (update) are detected in Marketo.

As a result we were able reduce the volume of calls (potentially by 50-75% on program sync and assets preview) and increase the speed of the Jeto Asset Preview display.

We've also limited the Marketo Sync to 100k folders on all customer accounts by default to avoid hitting Marketo API limits.

Various bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Special characters displayed as "?" symbols in email preview.

  • Deleted Marketo assets still appearing in Jeto Preview.

  • Landing page preview showing a blank page after repeated loading.

  • Duplicate campaign notification received by users who belongs to multiple groups.

  • Unable to add comment on MacBook Air mid 2013, Mac OS High Sierra

  • Skewed email preview after adding comments in Firefox 75.0

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