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Release Notes - November 2020
Release Notes - November 2020

Launcher Tags

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In this release

  • Launcher Tags: Group and Navigate Launchers using Custom Tags

  • New Design for Launcher Tiles & Menu

  • Improvements to Naming Convention, Security and Speed

  • Various Bug Fixes

Launcher Tags: Group and Navigate Launchers using Custom Tags (Administrators)

As requested in one of the highest voted features in the idea portal, Administrators now have the the ability to group Launchers by tags and use these tags as filters from the Launcher Page.

Improved Design and UX on Launcher Tiles

We've made some adjustments the Launcher Tiles:

  • Replaced "snowman" menu for direct access menu action menu from single click (click on tile for edit or select action icons for clone, tags, share, delete)

  • Aligned text left for readability

  • Reduced the size of tiles to bring more results above the fold

Other Improvements

  • Removed condition that "Jeto Campaign Name" element is required in Naming Convention

  • Security: enabled encryption on data backups

  • Improved speed for new campaigns to show on Campaigns page after creation

Various Bug Fixes

Assets Preview:

  • Fixed issue where "blocked" fields would not populate in preview and sample

  • Fixed issue where saving draft was not possible after a change in Landing Page module (required form edit)

  • Fixed deleted modules still visible in mobile preview

  • Fixed landing page preview cutting out with specific Marketo form conditions

  • Fixed HTTP/S not stripped in Campaign Drafts for uploaded images and files

  • Fixed error when hitting "Enter" while editing an image

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