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Group and Navigate Launchers using Custom Tags

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Launcher Tags allow Administrators to organize Launchers using custom labels so that it's easier to organize your work and quickly identify and access any launcher.

When using Tags, keep in mind:

  • Launcher Tags are shared across your account - once it's created, they can be used by all/any Administrator

  • Tags can be used to represent any dimension of your choice, such as Region, Department, Activity Type, Etc. Before creating tags, it is recommended that you define a naming convention for your Tags. There is no restriction on what you can use in Tag values, but a good option would be to use a prefix to describe the dimensions followed by the corresponding value. Ex: "Region - APAC", "Product - Acme Dynamite", "Channel - Newsletter"

  • Current limitations\upcoming improvements: it's currently not possible to use Launcher Tag values in the search bar. Also, Launcher Tags are not applied to Campaigns, therefore they cannot be used to search or filter Campaigns. These improvements are planned for Q1 2021.

Create Tags

From any Launcher, select the Tag icon.

Type the new value for your tag and hit the "Create Tag" action.

Associate and Dissociate Tags

Once a Tag is created, it's available to be associated with all Launchers in your account.

Edit or Delete Tags

From the list of Tags, select the Edit Icon and from there you can choose to edit or delete an existing tag. Not that this change will also be reflected on all Launchers using this tag. Note that If you wish to edit a tag that is already associated with your Launcher you need to dissociate it first - for it to display in the list - before editing.

Use Tags in Launcher Filters

As you select the option to Filter Launchers (1), all associated Tags will become available to use as filters. Select one or multiple filters (2) to narrow down the Launchers list.

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