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Jeto is a flexible tool and allows end users to create all sorts of Marketo programs through our user-friendly interface. Most of us are familiar with the common Jeto use cases such as events, webinars, and email sends but Jeto can be leveraged to run all types of marketing initiatives.

To help you and your team brainstorm how you can elevate your marketing automation game, here are some examples of campaigns Jeto can create:

Internal Communications

Your HR team could quickly and easily send emails to employees to update them on company policies, circulate important information or even kick-start a full onboarding plan that contains emails, links to documentation, personalized landing pages, and alerts to other stakeholders in the company.

Your Product team could leverage Jeto to send internal updates about new features that are about to be released or newsletters about upcoming features.

Finally, teams within your organization could even leverage Jeto to invite teammates to lunch and learns or town hall meetings.

Product Team

Your product team could leverage Jeto to quickly and efficiently reach your customers letting them know of an upcoming maintenance or software release. They could also use Jeto to capture a Net Promoter Score (NPS) via a Marketo landing page. The same could be done by your Support team, once a ticket is closed.

This would allow your internal teams to stay close to your customers, without needing access to Marketo and potentially sensitive or privileged data.

Partner Marketing

If your organization collaborates on a regular basis with partners or franchisees/distributors, Jeto would simplify the creation of collaborative content without giving access to your own data.

Sales Team

Widen the breadth of initiatives your sales team can create by giving them access to Jeto. Instead of sending plain emails, let your sales team reach out to prospects with an SMS campaign or personalized landing pages offering information specifically catered to their leads. Your sales team could even leverage Jeto to send SMS reminders of upcoming demos or meetings and create small drip campaigns after these meetings so your company stays top of mind for your prospects.

Marketing Team

The Marketing team is usually comprised of Jeto power users who are familiar with all the campaigns Jeto can do but have you thought about including your Demand Gen team in Jeto? They could quickly build Marketo-ready landing pages or allow external contributors to add content that can be leveraged in their nurture streams.

If you have fun ideas you'd like to share with the Jeto team on how you've upped your Jeto game, send us a quick email to let us know!

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