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A/B testing with Jeto
A/B testing with Jeto

Learn how to conduct Email A/B testing in Jeto

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Small changes can have a big impact on your results. In order to measure it, Jeto can support various methods to A/B test your emails. This article highlights key components of conducting A/B testing from Jeto Campaigns (Note that the Champion/Challenger method is not covered in this article.)

Supported A/B Testing Methods

First, it's important that you understand how the A/B testing feature works in Marketo. Check this article for details:

In a nutshell, when using Email Programs in Marketo you have the option to conduct A/B Testing on one of the following variations. Here is a summary of these methods and their compatibility and limitations when using them with Jeto Campaigns.

Marketo Testing Method

Jeto Compatibility

Subject Line

Compatible but variation won't display in the preview.

From Name/From Email

Compatible but variation won't display in the preview.

Whole Email

Fully compatible and variation will display in preview (2 separate emails).

Send Date / Time

Compatible but test dates and times must be manually configured in Marketo. Not compatible with Jeto Campaign Launch.

How to setup A/B Testing

  1. Create your Marketo program - First, you must create Marketo Email Program. In this example, we'll use the "Whole Email" A/B Test, but the same steps are required for all supported methods.

  2. Create your email(s) - Adding A\B Test involves giving the option for marketers to input different variations of content. If you go with Whole Email, you will need two emails.

  3. Tokenize your assets (Whole Email Testing only) - Tokenize your Marketo Emails with A and B versions of your content. For Subject Line or From Name/From Email we recommend that you do NOT set up the A/B Test in your Marketo Program yet since this will result in the email preview being inaccessible. Please wait until step 5 to complete this.

  4. Setup the Jeto Launcher - To go in tandem with your tokens, add A and B versions of the required input fields to your Jeto Launcher.

  5. Create the Jeto Campaign - When creating the Campaign in Jeto, your marketers will fill out the content for both A and B versions.

  6. Configure A\B Test - Once the Jeto Campaign is Submitted, access the new Marketo Program and follow the steps to complete the A\B Testing setup.

    If you're using Subject Line or From Name/From Email method, the tokens must be inserted in the program's A/B Test settings.

  7. Approve - Finally, once your configuration is completed, approve your program in Marketo.

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