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Jeto API Integrations

Integrate Jeto via API to Automate Even More Tasks and Workflows

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The Jeto API Integrations offers a full range of products and services to assist your organization with the automation of a wide range of solutions. Here is an overview of the registration process and the solutions that are available to you.

Jeto API Specifications

Jeto RESTful API is build on OAS (Open API Standard) 3.0.

API Resources

Here is what you will get access to, after you have purchased a Jeto Integration:

  • Access to the API: API feature will be enabled for your account. You can chose to test it in a sandbox account or directly in your production account.

  • Access to Jeto Stoplight. That's where you will find the REST API Documentation as well as a professional development toolset to build and test your integrations. You can find the Jeto Stoplight documentation here.

  • Access to Jeto Workato Connector. If you're using Workato and want to add Jeto to one of your recipes, then this one is for you! Just let us know and we'll share the connector so that you can use it.

  • Developers technical support and API Feedback. Connect with us via Slack, online chat or email at and we'll be happy to assist.

Jeto Integrations Overview - Options

Jeto API Integrations have been built to allow you to create a functional custom application or integration quickly and easily. We're offering 2 options to realize your integration projects.

1) Do it yourself: Jeto REST API License

The Jeto API License includes:

  • Jeto API feature and access to Documentation

  • Developer technical support

  • Workato Connector

  • Coming Soon: Zapier Connector

2) Do it for me: Integration Services

Don't have the time or the expertise configure your Workato or Jeto Connect Integration? Let our certified automation experts do it for you!

Please contact us via chat or email to learn more about pricing for these options.

Limitations and Future Improvements

These are the current limitations and known bugs that we have in the works.

  • Account wide access: API user is currently setup by creating a standard User and therefore will gain access to Objects (Campaigns, Launchers) that are shared with it. Unless you share these Launcher with the API user, your 3rd party system won't have visibility on it.

    Workaround: Don't forget to share Launcher with your API user.

    Fix: We're implementing M2M and a new scope for "Account wide" access permissions for API users.

    Status: In Progress

Jeto API Lexicon

Jeto API: Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface that enables and defines interactions between Jeto and other software applications. It allows any 3rd party application to establish a machine-to-machine connection and Interact with Jeto without the need to use the Jeto Interface.

Apps: Any software application (typically vendor) with API capabilities that could potentially have a connection to jeto and be used in an integration (ex: Workfront, Asana, Jira, XTM Cloud, Salesforce)

Connector: Used in the context of IPAAS platforms (Worktato, Zapier, etc) a connector is a widget that contain a set of prebuilt functions to build an integration. Each connector includes a method of authentication, triggers, and actions for a specific app, allowing for a "fill in the blanks" approach to making API calls, as opposed to building your own custom actions from scratch. Connectors help save time and require less technical knowledge.

Connections: Authorized communication channel established between Jeto and an authenticated 3rd party application. Connections to Jeto require authorization access to be granted using OAuth2 access standard. Each Connection should correspond to one app combined with one set\scope of authorizations, and can be used in multiple workflows.

Integration: Solution that relies on a set of workflows to process the data exchange between 2 apps, according to a specific business goal and using connections as a secured communication channel.

Workflows: Set of steps defined by a web service (Jeto Connect, IPASS, Custom web application) that will get data flowing between your apps. For example, Jeto Connect offers many advanced workflow features, allowing it to handle bidirectional integration and automation scenarios, including complex data transformations, conditional triggers and actions, duplicate detection and much more.

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