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IMPORTANT: These changes impacts members of the Jeto API Beta program only.

Jeto App Updates

  • Jeto pages lazy loading

API (Beta) Updates

  • Unify Drafts and Campaigns under a UUID (Universal Unique Identifier)

  • New Filtering, Sorting, and Pagination

Workato Connector (Beta) Updates

  • New "Get Campaigns" Action

  • Improved "Update Campaign" action

Jeto App Updates

Lazy loading and faster page load

Campaigns, Launcher and Groups pages as well as other widgets have all been updated to use "lazy loading" so that Jeto now incrementally retrieves results on these pages as the user scrolls down to view more results, which makes initial display of the pages much faster.

API Beta Changes

Unify Drafts and Campaigns under a UUID (Universal Unique Identifier)

Jeto now has UUID and unified Endpoints for Campaigns and Draft to serve as base for both Campaigns and Drafts

Here is why we did this: in Jeto, Campaigns and Campaign Drafts are 2 separate objects in our data model. Once a Draft is converted (Submitted) it creates a Campaign, and cannot go back to being a Draft anymore. Each objects where given a different ID which makes it complex to synchronize any 3rd party solution across the 2 objects. If you worked with Salesforce API before you are likely familiar with the high level of complexity that results from the Lead and Contact objects, which is a very similar situation here...but we won't make that mistake!

The unification of the UUID and Endpoints will save you the complexity of dealing with it separately. This unification includes:

  • The addition of a UUID (Universal Unique ID) that will remain consistant across Campaign Drafts and Campaigns.

  • The "Get Campaign" by UUID will sort out the Draft vs Campaign dilemma for you:

    • If campaign exist, we return the campaign

    • If not It will return the draft

  • A new data element named "type" will indicate whether the object is a "campaign" or a "campaignDraft.

  • Both Campaigns and Drafts use a unified payload schema

Here is an example of the response you will now get when Creating a Campaign Draft via the API:


New Filtering, Sorting, and Pagination

Jeto API design would now have been up to industry standards without the addition of paging, filtering and sorting. These features have been added In version 2.0.2 Beta and will help ease of use for clients and maintain performance over time. Here is how it works.

You can add support for filters and ranges directly in the query string parameters based on Industry Standards. Here are some examples:

  • Use "size" parameter to control the number of items returned (Up to 200 elements at the time).
    Ex: /campaigns?size=5

  • Use owner, type or status to get specific campaign results
    Ex: /campaigns?sort=created_at%2Cdesc&filter=owner%3A7310&filter=type%3AEVENT&filter=status%3AIN_APPROVAL&size=5

Workato Connector (Beta)

New "Get Campaign Details" action.

The Jeto Workato Connector (Beta) now supports the "Get Campaigns Details" Action. This helps retrieve all the info from any single campaign, including each campaign field and its corresponding value.

Improved "Update Campaign" action.

In addition the "Update Campaign" action has been improved to support "Datapills" which allow to use output data from a previous trigger or an action step

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