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Release Notes - Dec 2021 - Jan 2022
Release Notes - Dec 2021 - Jan 2022

API Beta general availability, security updates, scalability, optimized page load

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Dec 2021/Jan 2022 release is here!

This release marks a big milestone for Jeto as we're opening the Jeto API Beta to all customers in production. We've also made important security and performance improvements, all migrating to an entire new infrastructure for improved scalability and resilience as we continue to grow the volume of campaigns under management.

In this release

  • Jeto API now in open Beta

  • New identity management and stronger password policy

  • Jeto connector for Workato

  • Support for animated .gif images

  • Lazy loading & faster page load

  • Better search, sorting and filtering

  • SOC 2 Type I Security Report

  • Infrastructure upgrades for more performance, scalability & security

  • Various bug fixes

Jeto API now in Production & Open Beta !

The Jeto API, which has been in closed Beta in staging environments since May 2021 is now opened for all Jeto customers. Current members of the closed beta will also see the API capabilities available in their production instance.

This opens a new world of possibilities for a much deeper level of integration of your marketing campaign data with any other app in your stack to help reduce duplicate data entry and create campaigns faster.

New identity management & stronger password policy

As we roll out this new release, all users will progressively need to set a new password as we enforce our new password security policy.

Jeto is also moving to Auth0 Identity management, which will have little immediate impact of this change on Jeto users. Nonetheless this important improvement allows us to provide you with more Single Sign On options and bring Jeto to the highest possible authentication and authorization security standards.

Jeto connector for Workato (Beta), Version 407

The new Jeto connector is now available in production. Use it to control Jeto authentications, triggers, and actions to build custom integrations with thousands of 3rd party applications.

Also included in this release

  • Fix for misfiring "New Campaign" triggers

  • Added "Environment" variable to the connector to support connection to multiple Jeto environments (Production, Staging, Dev).

  • Make "Get Campaign Details" (campaign form data) response element available as datapills to use in subsequent steps.

Support for animated .gif images

We now support uploading animated .gif file upload. Note that we had to disable the resize/transform option for gif files since it was not compatible with this format.

Lazy loading, improved queries and faster page load

The Campaigns, Launchers and Groups pages as well as other widgets have all been optimized and now use "lazy loading" to incrementally retrieve results as the user scrolls down the page. This makes initial display of the pages faster. Our performance tests on the Campaigns page resulted in an 86% load time we're talking wayyyyy faster!

Better search, sorting and filtering.

Thanks to your feedback, we have refined our search capabilities, allowing you to get to the Launchers and Campaigns you need more quickly. Your Campaign Filters are now persistent so you can access the data you need in just one click.

SOC 2 Type I Security Report

Jeto has gone through a thorough audit by the IT security firm A-LIGN and we're proud to have completed the SOC 2 Type 1 Report!

This report represents Jeto’s commitment to protecting user data and handling sensitive data with integrity and care. Report A-LIGN. It represents our commitment to protecting user data and handling sensitive data with integrity and care. If you need access to the report, please ask our support team or contact your account manager.

Infrastructure upgrade for more performance, scalability & security

Jeto has moved to new containerized environments. This upgraded environment allows for faster processing, shorter response time, and increased scalability and resilience. It will also allow our development team to gain more agility in our application development and release cycle.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Improvement: Remove Image URL Input from Image and File Upload field widget

  • Improvement: Make login email id case insensitive

  • Bug Fix: Value selection issue when more than one multi-select field was used in the same campaign

  • Bug Fix: Missing or misplaced controls for unlocking modules in Launcher emails

  • Bug Fix: Field not passed in post campaign draft if "Block updates" is enabled

  • Bug Fix: Invalid Email HTML causes send sample error and duplicate preview

  • Bug Fix: Draft with duplicate name won't save

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