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Bringing Marketo template programs and folders structure in Jeto

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Jeto has a native Marketo connector that allows to index all Marketo programs and folders. These assets are essential to help:

  • Identify template programs for your Launchers

  • Define the destination folders of new programs (when a campaigns is created)

  • Define the folder to host images and files.

  • Etc.

How to Sync new Programs & Folders

If you created new programs or folders in Marketo and you wan to use it in Jeto, click the cog wheel :

From the Marketo data sync modal, select the "refresh data" icon.

Wait for the synch to complete and your new programs and folders will now be available in Jeto.

Incremental Programs and Folders Synchronization

We have worked hard to make sure integrations between Jeto and Marketo is optimized for the API call volume. To reduce the API call volumes, Jeto will only synchronize newly added or updated programs and folders.

Jeto allows for 2 sync options: Full Sync (default) and Restricted Sync for large instances.

Full Sync (default)

By default, Jeto will attempt to sync your entire Marketo instance and index all programs and folders available.

To avoid abusing your API limits, the default sync has a maximum of 100k programs and folders. The sync will stop after that limit and show a success status. If your account has reached that limit we recommend using the Restricted Sync option.

Restricted Sync
With the Restricted Marketo Sync, we're giving the option to limit the Marketo Sync function for Jeto to access only specific folders within workspaces. Folder restrictions can be applied to:

  • Marketo Folders available for your Launcher Template Programs.

  • Program Destination Folders available for your Launcher Destination Folders (cloned Programs resulting of a Jeto Campaign).

  • Images and Files Destination Folders available for images and files uploaded into campaigns.

To apply the Restricted Marketo sync, please contact support and, for each type folders above, specify the name of each of the parent folder(s) you'd like Jeto to sync over. Jeto will automatically drill down and index 10 levels of subfolders.

Limitations and Considerations

Note that Jeto will automatically index (Jeto will drill down as far as 10 levels of subfolders).

  • With Incremental synchronization Jeto still display programs that no longer exist (deleted in Marketo), still available in Jeto. Please contact support if you need us to perform a "reset".

  • If sync is done with Restricted Sync, then after new folders ID’s are added, new programs will not be brought in unless they have been updated (due to incremental sync logic). Workaround: Update the program and confirm that "last updated at" on program summary page is updated and re-sync.

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