In this release

  • New rich text editor (beta)
    - New formatting options

    - Improved UI with persistent and contextual menu
    - Copy/paste cleanup
    - Improved word count

    - Customize text area container and paragraph marker elements

  • Faster campaign update processing and faster preview load time

  • Preview email subject, from & reply info

  • New API endpoints for Users and Groups

  • Workato connector improvements

  • Various improvements and fixes

In the last few months we have focused our efforts in addressing the most critical improvement that you have voiced in the NPS surveys responses, Ideas portal and/or during customer success calls. As a result, are providing you with a more flexible and improved content editing and preview experience.

New rich text editor (beta)

The rich text content editor has been completely revamped to provide more flexibility and reduce content re-work.

New formatting options for more flexibility

In addition to the initial formatting options (Bold, Italic, Underlined, Bullet list, Numbered List, Font Size Increase/Decrease and Hyperlink), the new rich text editor allows for no less than 14 new editing and formatting options.

These new editing and formatting features are optional and can be individually enabled by an Administrator. The new options includes:

  • Divider

  • Edit HTML (code view)

  • Font color

  • Font highlight color

  • Font type (webfonts only)

  • Font size (numeric value)

  • Image upload (Coming soon!)

  • Indent

  • Paragraph and headings

  • Superscript

  • Subscript

  • Text alignment

  • Tables

  • Undo/Redo

We're also exploring the additional options below for future improvements, including Special characters , Full screen mode and Insert media - stay tuned!

Improved UI with persistent and contextual menu

No more scrolling up and down to control text formatting when editing lengthier copy. The menu now remains accessible at all time. You can also right click to display used actions.

Admin controls for formatting options

Admins will have full control of the formatting options made available to end users. Use one of the 2 options:

1. Account default: Use this option to apply your account default formatting option to this field. This is the default setting on new fields.
2. Field level: use this option to customize the editing option for each field individually.

Each editing/formatting option is can be controlled individually (see below).

Roll out and activation

The new rich text editor is now in open beta, which means it is available to all clients. Once we have gathered enough usage data and feedback, this editor will replace the legacy editor.

Administrators need to activate the new editor from the Launcher form fields settings, for each individual rich text field. Simply toggle the "New Editor Beta" option in the field properties and customize the formatting option to your needs.

If you would like to activate it in bulk for all rich text fields in your account, just drop us a line in the support chat or talk to your customer success manager.

Limitations and email compatibility considerations

  • Font types available in the editor are currently limited to websafe fonts to prevent compatibility issues with your email/landing page templates.

  • Depending on your Marketo email templates CSS and styling, some elements may introduce a risk of incompatibility with emails. The chart below exposes these elements and related risks.

Copy/paste cleanup and formatting

An advanced cleanup job is now automatically performed when content is copied from word, google docs and webpages. In addition, if formatting is detected Jeto will give the user control to keep or remove formatting.

Improved word count

Word count was confusing for many users. The limit was applied against HTML characters (not all visible or controllable from the editor). The new word count brings an optimal user experience:

  • Character count and limit is visible at all time, helping user inspect and adjust in real time as content is added.

  • Displayed limit is validated against visible content controlled by user all while still enforcing system limits for HTML code length in the background.

Customize text area container and paragraph marker elements

These two new controls can help customize which html markers will be used in your container tag (div or none) and paragraph (p or div), giving you granular control over the final formatting to align with custom CSS in your Marketo templates.

Faster campaign update processing and faster preview load time

By optimizing data processing on campaign updates and assets preview we were able to reduce processing and load time (by as much as 92% for subsequent assets loading!).

Preview email subject, pre-header, from & reply info

Email preview now shows subject, pre-header, from & reply info.

New API endpoints for Users and Groups

The following API endpoints are now available:

  • Get Groups.

  • Get Users.

  • Get Users by Group.

  • Get Users Qualified for Campaign Ownership (returning users that meet the criteria for being assigned as a campaign owner).

See API v2.0.3 documentation for details.

Various improvements and fixes

  • Improvement - Reinforced application security following SOC II Type I Report

  • Improvement - Workato Connector: Added new trigger "Get Jeto Campaign details V2" to match new endpoint and related data schema.

  • Improvement: Unify UI - Add search option to bulk action in Groups and Users

  • Bug: Fixed Emails not being re-approved in Marketo after deleting Modules.

  • Bug: Fixed API "GET qualifiedCampaignOwners" not returning users in groups

  • Bug: Fixed Launcher save errors due to invalid Launcher assets and destination folder IDs.

  • Bug: Fixed issue - cannot restore deleted LP Modules in Campaign Drafts.

  • Add graceful error handing on Marketo 719 error "Lock wait timeout exceeded. Operation was not started".

  • Bug: Fixed Issue - Intermittent Rich Text editor not loading in Safari

  • Bug: Fixed Issue - Cannot remove tag from Launcher filters

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