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Updating your Private Workato Jeto Connector (Beta)
Updating your Private Workato Jeto Connector (Beta)

Follow these instructions to get the latest connector source code

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During the Beta period, the Workato Jeto Connector is offered as a private connector. Follow these steps to get the latest features and keep your connector up to date.

1. Login Workato and access The SDK Console via Tools/Connector SDK.

2. If a new version of the Connector is available, a banner will display "An Update is Available". Click the "Update connector" button and follow the instructions to deploy the most recent version of the connector in your Workato Instance.

Once the update is completed, a success message will display:

3. From the top Navigation, hit "Release latest version" to deploy the changes to your recipes.

Et voilà! Your new connector is up to date.

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