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Why do I have HTML in my text only emails?
Why do I have HTML in my text only emails?

Text Only tokens

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If you are leveraging rich text fields in Jeto, for fields such as email copy, the complete HTML will be copied in the matching Marketo token. If you leverage the same token in your text version emails, the HTML tags will be visible, making it less appealing and harder to read.

In order to avoid this issue, you can use text-only versions of the rich text tokens. For example, if you have a token {{my.email1setction1Copy}} as a rich text field in Jeto and rich text token in Marketo, you will want to add a plain text token in Jeto and Marketo to replace the text version token. You could use, for example, {{my.email1section1Copy-TEXT}}, as demonstrated in the images below:

NOTE: don't forget to UNCHECK the "Automatically copy from HMTL" check box.

In Jeto, your users will fill in the rich text field, then will copy/paste the content of the rich text field into the plain text token.

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