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Campaign submission to different Marketo folders based on rules in Jeto!

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​Dynamic Destination Launchers is a brand new functionality within Jeto allowing Admins the ability to select different destination folders based on various rules!

Simply start by creating a Launcher as usual and selecting a new 'Default Destination Folder'.

Why use Dynamic Destination Folders?

As an Admin, you may oversee the same campaign being delivered to different segments and thus want to host all information pertaining to that campaign in a specific Marketo folder.

With Dynamic Destination Folders, you now allow your Marketers to submit campaigns to targeted Marketo folders based on geography (e.g. EMEA, Asia, Europe etc.), size or any other segmentation that you follow in your MOPs procedures.

New Dynamic Folder menu option

As an Admin, you will now see a new toggle nested alongside Destination Folders to enable the Dynamic Folder feature within your Launcher Settings menu.

​Creating rules - How it works

All Jeto Launchers create campaigns within certain Marketo folders that are imported on sync. With the ability to dynamically create relationships between Jeto Launchers and Marketo Folders, Admins now have enhanced flexibility in deciding which campaign ends up in which folder.

With the toggle on, proceed to identify conditions for your Destination Folders. You are able to set filters based on Groups or Launcher Form Fields.

Helpful Tip(s)

  • Selecting 'Group' brings up a list of all Groups that exist within Jeto. We highly suggest properly naming and maintaining your Groups to accurately map your Launchers & Destination Folders. e.g. You decide Launchers created by members of Group named 'EMEA' will create campaigns within the Marketo folder 'EMEA - Campaigns'

  • Selecting 'Field' allows you to be even more creative with your rules. It brings up a list of currently created Form fields (Text area, Single line text, Single select, Multi-select and Email are supported) within the same Launcher and allows you to map your Folders with them. e.g. You decide a user input of 'Asia' in the form field 'Region' will create campaigns within the Marketo folder 'Asia - Campaigns'

Be Creative! Try out different mappings to best fit your needs.

Add as many rules as needed (though we recommend under 10 rules in order to ensure faster processing of campaigns) and simply hit Save Changes once done with creating your Launcher!

And, voila! That's it. Marketers can continue working on campaigns as usual and once they submit their changes, Jeto will automatically identify which criteria their work fits in and map the campaign to the right Marketo folder.

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