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Campaign Approval helps track and manage the entire campaign approval process in Jeto.

Once it's activated for a Launcher (by an Administrator), new campaigns created from this Launcher will have the status "In Approval" and the members of your Approval Team will be notified by email.

Depending on the Role assigned to each user on Campaign Launchers - Viewer, Editor or Approver - team members will have the ability to collaborate by viewing, commenting or updating the Campaign.

Administrators, Creators (Owners of the campaign) and Approvers will have the authority to either Approve the Campaign or reject it by selecting Request Change(s) to send it back for review. Note that no specific steps/order is enforced for approval as the campaign will be considered as approved if any single user with approval permission approves it.

Submitting updates will set the campaign back to In Approval stage until the campaign ultimately Approved

Activate Campaign Approval and build an Approval Team (Admin role required)

Campaign Approval is an optional feature. You can activate it and build your Approval Team at the Launcher level in either of two ways (and enforce it for all Campaigns created from this Launcher). 

When Sharing Launcher, add any user with Viewer, Editor or Approver role and click Share and Activate Campaign Approval.  

From Launcher Settings, navigate to Approval Team, then

  1. Use the toggle switch to turn On Campaign Approval 

  2. Add users and/or groups to your Approval Team 

  3. A unique role can be assigned to any User on each Launcher, but Administrators cannot be downgraded to another role. 

Approval Roles

In addition to Administrator and Creator, you can chose from 3 Roles specifically designed to allow a more granular level of permissions during campaign approval.

  • Viewer (View & Comment Only)

  • Editor (View & Comment + Edit)

  • Approver (View & Comment + Edit + Approve)

Here are the Roles and their related campaign management permissions. Note that:

  • Permissions associated to Creator apply to Owned Campaigns only.

  • Approval Roles (Viewer, Editor, Approver) apply to campaigns owned by other team members.

  • Administrators can access any campaign from owned or shared Launchers.

Track campaign approval Status 

With Campaign Approval turned on, after a campaign is submitted, your campaign status will take a different path to allow for a formal approval before it's ready to Launch. Jeto will start to track these 3 new status. 

  • In Approval: Default Status after a campaign is submitted.

  • Change(s) requested: The campaign is not approved and change(s) have been requested.

  • Approved: The Campaign is now approved and ready to Launch.  

Here is an overview of the Campaign Lifecycle and related Status, with and without Campaign Approval feature activated.

For information on the email notifications for the approval team, you check out this article.

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