The Jeto Workato Connector is now available in Beta!

Here is what you will need to test it out.


You must be part of the Jeto API Beta program to access this Connector. See Jeto API Integrations (Closed Beta) for details.


  1. Access to connector here.

  2. Select "Install Connector".

Add the connector to your recipes

Once installed, the Connector will become available from your recipe editor.

To create a Jeto Connection:

  1. Add a new API user to your Jeto Account with the following configurations

    1. First Name: Workato (or chose your own name)

    2. Last Name: Connector (or chose your own name)

    3. Email: Any valid email of your choice (you will need to have access to this inbox)

    4. Role: Administrator

    5. Optional - add the new user to a group

  2. Activate this user (via the email in your inbox)

  3. Select and share the Launcher(s) you want to use with the Connector.

Use the connector in recipes

You can now build recipes using prebuilt triggers and actions. Here is what we've made available for you.


  • New Campaign: trigger a recipe each time a new campaign is created.

  • Updated Campaign: trigger a recipe each time a campaign is updated.


  • Create New Jeto Campaign
    Create a new Jeto Campaign using the following parameters:

    • Launcher ID: Type the ID of the Launcher you wish to use for this campaign. The ID can be found in the Jeto Launcher's URL path of your Jeto Launcher. Ex:;

    • Type: use "Campaigns";

    • Attributes/Form/Form field: use the Jeto field key / Marketo token name

    • Value: enter a value for the related campaign field or use a "pill" from a previous step.

  • Get Jeto Campaign Details
    Retrieve the data associated to an existing campaign:

    • Campaign ID: ID of the campaign. This ID can be found in the Jeto Campaign's URL path. Ex: or use a pill from a prior step (Ex: Get Campaigns);

  • Update a Jeto Campaign

    • Campaign ID: Use the pick-list to select from an existing campaign to update;

    • Form / Field : Set a value for each campaign field

Known Bugs, Limitations and Future Improvements

Here is what we've got in the pipeline:

  • Adding "Get Campaigns" as a standalone Action.

  • Improving the "Update Campaign" Action so that the Campaign ID can be configured with data from prior steps.

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