In this release

  • More flexible permissions with Hybrid Roles

  • Improvements to new rich text editor (beta)

  • SOC II audit and security improvements

  • Various improvements and bug fixes

More flexible permissions with Hybrid Roles

If you ever need to be able to create your own campaign AND be part of the approval team for campaigns created by your colleagues on the same Launcher(s), this one is for you!

Thanks to Hybrid Roles, Administrators can now combine the Creator role (formerly Collaborator) with any one of the Viewer, Editor or Approver role on the same Launcher.

This update comes with a revamped user page where all the different combinations of roles can be selected.

This change comes with a new labelling for roles to avoid ambiguity. Therefore Collaborator, formerly used for a user who would be able to create and manage their own campaigns, is now labelled as Creator. Collaborators represent every Non- Administrator roles under which any of the Creator, Viewer, Editor and Approver can be assigned.

Improvements to new rich text editor (beta)

The new rich text editor released in August 2022 keeps getting additional improvements following the feedback from Beta users:

  • The new editor is now available for administrators when adding "Paragraph" field to your Launcher forms.

  • Copy/Paste Cleanup improvement - the option to keep or remove formatting.

  • Copy/Paste Cleanup improvement - now prevents the usage of fonts outside of the fonts authorized in the field settings. When a Collaborator choses to "Keep Formatting", authorized web fonts will be maintained, while non-authorized web fonts will be dropped (set to "Inherit"). User messaging was also added to inform the end-user.

  • Copy/Paste Cleanup fix - now removes ALL the formatting from copied content (whereas it was previously leaving bullet points and bold text) .

SOC II Type 1 audit and security improvements

We've been working hard with an external firm to audit our security processes. At the moment of this release our SOC II Type I Audit is completed and we are waiting for the final report, with a certification expected to be completed at the end of 2022 or early in 2023. Various firewall, framework upgrades, and antivirus upgrades have also been performed.

Various improvements and bug fixes

  • Bug Fix - Unable to close side menu after enabling new rich text editor.

  • Bug Fix - Code view collapses on click in code input area.

  • Bug Fix - 500 error when sending sample email when "From Name" contains special characters.

  • Bug Fix - Preview for email headers not refreshed after it's been updated in campaign form.

  • Bug Fix - Press enter submits form instead of selecting value in single and multi-select.

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