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Can I use snippets with Jeto
Can I use snippets with Jeto
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There are 2 ways you can leverage tokens and snippets with Jeto.

The first is to create a Jeto specific snippet in your design studio, and tokenize portions of it. For example, you can create a "Jeto Footer" snippet, include the tokens {{my.address}} for the physical address of your business and {{my.privacy policy}} for the URL of your different privacy policies. In Jeto, you will create a field for Address and one for Privacy Policy (which can be a dropdown of options or a free text field - you can refer to the section "Creating a Launcher" of the Admin Guide for more information on field types). From here, the users will input values in their Jeto Campaign, which will in turn populate the snippet tokens in Marketo.

The second way to leverage snippets in Jeto is to hard code a token within the email template itself, as such:

In Jeto, you will have a field for the token {{my.Snippet ID}} and that field will be a dropdown of all the possible IDs for your various snippets. It is highly recommended that above that field you add a paragraph of text that clearly indicates what each ID represents.

IMPORTANT: This second method only works in EMAILS and cannot be used in Landing Page templates.

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